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Naturals No.015

Naturals No.020

Naturals No.031

Naturals No.003 Accent

Naturals No.035

Naturals No.070

Naturals No.031 Pre glued

Naturals No.003 Pre glued

Lengthening No.080

Lengthening No.116

Lengthening No.105

Lengthening No.155

Lengthening No.152

Lengthening No.118

Lengthening 3D No. 111

Fluttery Light No.117

Fluttery Light No.001

Fluttery Light No.007

Fluttery Light No.160

Fluttery Light No.170

Fluttery Light No.171

Fluttery Light No.177

Fluttery Light No.117 Pre Glued

Fluttery Intense No.141

Fluttery Intense No.163

Fluttery Intense No.173

Fluttery Intense No.175

Fluttery Intense No.141 Pre Glued

Volume No.005 Accent

Volume No.083

Volume No.100

Volume No.101

Volume No.107

Volume No.109

Volume No. 100 Pre Glued

Volume No.101 Pre Glued

Volume No.111

Volume No.111

Dramatic No. 143

Dramatic No.140

Dramatic No.145

Dramatic No.121

Dramatic No.149

Dramatic No.157

Dramatic No.126

Dramatic No.201

Dramatic 3D No.191

Dramatic 3D No.193

Dramatic 3D No.196

Dramatic No. 202





Luxe Cashmere No.04

Luxe Cashmere No.06

Luxe Cashmere No.09

Intensify No.100

Intensify No.101

Individuals - Knot Free

Individuals - Knot Free

Luxe Solitaire

Luxe Bauble

Luxe Trinket

Luxe Opulent

Luxe Faux Mink - Baroque

Luxe Gilded

Most Wanted - Lust List

Most Wanted - Gimme Gimme

Most Wanted - I (Heart) this

Most Wanted - #Feedtheneed

Most Wanted - U Want it

Most Wanted - #Have2Have

Most Wanted - #Have2Have

Most Wanted - Lush Crush

Luxe 3D - Aurora

Luxe 3D - Eternity

Luxe 3D - Fortuna

Luxe 3D - Star

Luxe 3D - Tiffany

Luxe 3D - Hope




Enchanted Written in the Stars

Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent

Luxe Magnetic Baroque Corner

Luxe Magnetic Heart Accent

ProMagnetic Lash System - Accent

ProMagnetic Lash System - Wispy

ProMagnetic Lash System Volume

ProMagnetic Lash System - Naturals

ProMagnetic Lash System - Dramatic

Fleur de Force - Fleur Loves

Fleur de Force - Fleur & Fabulous

Fleur de Force - Simply Fleur

Fleur de Force - Fully Fleur

Fleur de Force - Petit Fleur

C-lash Naturals

C-lash Lengthening

C-Lash Volume

Jordyn Woods - Beach Please

Jordyn Woods - LA Baby

Jordyn Woods - Summer Heir

Plastic Boy Snatched

Plastic Boy Bad & Boujee

Bryony Bee Brave

Bryony Bee You

Sabina Royal Heiress

Sabina Girl Boss

Felicity Lion's Heart

Felicity Tiger's Eye

Carmi- Self Love

Carmi- Self Care

Carmi- Self Worth

Ling- The Empress

Ling- Pretty Princess

Ling- Yass Queen

Lash Illusion 301

Luxe Velvet Noir After Dark

Luxe Velvet Noir Nightfall