Simple Scary Doll Step-By-Step for Halloween!October 31, 2017

It’s the day of Halloween and if you’re anything like us, you’ve left getting your costume sorted till the very last moment!

Here’s our take on a spooky scary doll look that you can create using just a few makeup bag essentials.

How To...

Step 1

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To start, blend pale/white foundation over the face & neck. Use a black eyeliner around the eye. For extra drama, use a black eye shadow to create a smokey eye.

Step 2

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Use Eylure Exaggerate No. 140 (doubled-up if you dare!) for the upper lashes. Take ‘Mermaids are Cool’ and cut into small sections. Place under the underlashes in sections to get the ‘doll’ effect.

Step 3

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Use our dark brown brow pencil to create the ‘cracking’ then add shadow to the ‘cracks’ with our Brow Palette (Powder)

Step 4

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Apply a cream blushes and lightly blend out for the rosy cheeks.

Step 5

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Line the lips with a mid-red tone then fill in to create a pouted look.

Step 6

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Finish off your look with crimped hair and a bit of backcombing for some extra volume!