Best Doughnut Spots In London – Our 4 FavesJune 1, 2018

Have you heard the news? … IT’S NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! To celebrate such a tasty occasion, we’ve rounded up some of the best doughnut places in London for you to get your sugar fix!

1. What Time Is It?: Doughnut Time!

Have you ever dreamed of hand-dipped glazed doughnuts topped off with crispy bacon bits? It sounds beautiful, right? Well, Doughnut Time makes your awesome dreams a reality. Home to a load of fresh quirky doughnuts, this tiny hole-in-the-wall doughnut store has become a household name (and my personal favourite) after only being open for a year!

The secret to their success is their menu? They have a doughnut for everyone. From the original glazed and salted caramel doughnuts, to unique maple bacon and hibiscus treats. Don’t fret vegan and vegetarian babes, Doughnut Time has you covered with their delicious vegan creations. From the unique to the adventurous, every doughnut has a flawless flavour that makes them special. It’s the perfect dessert stop after dinner with the girls!

Location: Various Locations – London

2. What Diet?: Crosstown Doughnuts

Handmade with love, fluffy and sugary sweet is the only way to describe the kick-ass doughnuts from Crosstown. These doughnut pioneers know how to get our taste buds dancing! With their range of unique fillings, glazes and toppings, they make it really hard to say no!

Keeping up with the season, Crosstown has a doughnut for each one. The hearty Pumpkin & Nutmeg custard doughnut is great for the colder seasons; I know its sunny now but you never know with this English weather!

If you’re too spoilt for choice, I recommend the Glazed Cinnamon Roll – it’s light, airy and smothered with cinnamon sugar; plus that vanilla bean glaze really melts in your mouth. They also deliver – a pack of 6 doughnuts right on my door- yes please!

Location: Various Locations – London

3. The Ultimate Legend: Krispy Kreme

We couldn’t do a roundup of the most-loved doughnut places without including the doughnut trailblazers themselves, Krispy Kreme. Coming from humble beginnings in a small restaurant in North Carolina, they quickly sky-rocked to super stardom. The legendary glazed doughnut being the forerunner of their success, which quickly became the nation’s fave!

They have a range of flavours to keep you on your toes, from the Hershey’s Cookies and Cream (get a milkshake to match!), to the zesty Lemon Meringue – they’re like little fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of joy. Grab a hot chocolate and a cheeky doughnut on your morning commute to add that little bit of shine to your day!

Locations: Various Locations – London

4. Keeping it classic: St John’s Bakery

St John’s bakery proves again and again that nothing can beat the classic jam and custard doughnuts. The different flavours of jam include peach, rhubarb, and strawberry; they even come with an extra helping of Chantilly cream. Just the thought of them gets us excited!

Even though the bakery loves to be traditional, they still keep things fresh by developing new tastes and changing doughnut flavours daily. Order a Cinnamon and Apple today and come tomorrow for a whole different batch of doughnuts. It’s the element of surprise that keeps us happy!

Location: Druid Street – London