15 Things All Lash Addicts Will Relate To At Party SeasonDecember 14, 2017


1) Your beauty motto for the work Christmas party is “go big or go home” because you’re all about nailing that arrival

2) When you run out of lashes and someone suggests that you just go out without them

3) When you’re half an hour late to the party because your besties all know you’re the queen of lash application

4) When your flatmate mistakes a strip lash for a spider

5) The moment you leave the house after deciding not to wear lashes

6) When someone spots you clearing an entire rail of Most Wanted lashes but you feel no shame

7) If your sister ever dared to steal your last pair of lashes on New Years Eve

8) When your man promises to pick up some lashes on the way home but then ‘forgets’

9) Your reaction if someone tells you your lashes are too big

10) When your office secret Santa buys you your favourite lash style and you feel the need to make a formal speech

11) Those bathroom chats on a night out when you spot a girl with gorgeous lashes on

12) That moment when you try out a new lash style and see yourself in the mirror

13) Your friend’s reaction when you first introduce them to lashes

14) How it feels when you apply your lashes after slaying the rest of your makeup

15) If anyone ever tells you to stop being so obsessed with lashes