Underlash Lashes

Up your make-up game with a lower lash line falsie. Our underlash false eyelashes are perfect for adding length to your lower lashes for a fresh-faced look in an instant.

What Are They?

These underlash lashes give length to your lower lash line, to open up those peepers. Perfect for completing an eye-framing look, these underlash lashes are lightweight for a natural finish. Our underlash false eyelashes are applied with glue and can be reused again after use.

Why We Love Them

You love your false lashes, but have you ever tried a longer lower lash look? We love these underlash false eyelashes for a natural, fresh-faced look. Great for opening up the eyes and creating a doe-eyed look, we love lower lashes for first dates and first impressions.

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Underlash No. 040 Lashes
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Underlash No. 040 Lashes