The Top 3 Crazy Brow Trends Of 2017August 7, 2017

You may have seen a few questionable brow trends popping up on your phone over the past few months. It seems the beauty world is in competition to create the most bizzare brows and the results are pretty interesting! …

1. Feather Brows

To feather or not to feather?

This is the brow trend that caused chaos on Instagram! We’ve all had our say about those feather brows that appeared out of nowhere and took Instagram by storm! Whether you loved it or loathed it, we all couldn’t help but be slightly captivated by it.

Stella Sironen ( took the ‘brushed up brow’ look to the next level when she posted the first feather brow pic on Instagram, giving her brows a centre parting using a glue stick.

The real question most people were asking was ‘is this a joke or a new trend about to take to the catwalks?’ It seems that the feather brow has caused quite a divide!

We shared Stella’s image to find out what you lot thought and comments ranged from; ‘maybe runway couture but definitely not for grocery shopping and kids soccer games’ to ‘what in feathernation is going on here?’ One of our personal faves was ‘my eyebrows actually look like that right now … not by choice, though!’

Is the feather brow here to stay or will it simply float away into the depths of social media? We guess time will tell!

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2. Barbed Wire Brows

There’s (quite literally) no escaping this new beauty trend!

Whilst many of us are still sat trying to get our heads around the feather brow trend, it seems that there’s already a new brow in town.

Athena (@athenapaginton) took to Instagram to challenge the feather brow with a badass look of her own! Get ready to stock up on brow gel girls ‘cos you’re gonna need a lot of it if you want to test out the ‘barbed wire brow’.

Big, bold and super spiky; this look is probably not one to sport for a day in the office, but you’ve got to love the creativity!

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3. Glitter Brows

Festival season is almost here & there’s no such thing as OTT!

From Coachella to Glastonbury, glitter brows glammed up the faces of festival goers absolutely everywhere last year. We’re pretty sure that glitter is about as essential as dry shampoo and wellies at festivals (at least in the U.K.) so we’re guessing this brow trend will definitely be sticking around for SS17!

A touch of brow gel and a sprinkling of sparkle is all you’ll need to try out this trend but be warned, what begins on your brows may end up adding some extra shimmer to your cheeks so an extra coating of gel is DEFINITELY advised!

Would you be brave enough to give any of these brow trends a go? … We think we’ll just stick to our trusty Brow Pomade for now!