That Terrarium Eye TrendJuly 20, 2017


Time to catch up with the makeup artist behind the freshest beauty trend of 2017!

No, Ellie has not fallen asleep facedown in a field and awoken looking fabulously floral; this new ‘terrarium eye’ trend is legit and we’re absolutely loving it!

19-year-old Ellie Costello first started adding real flowers into her makeup looks back in March and since sharing them on Instagram (@makeupisart_x), the beauty world has been obsessing over her ‘terrarium eyes’.

We had a quick chat with Ellie to hear all about her works of art and learn a bit more about the person behind the petals.

‘Unicorn’ inspired look using a mixture of our Pro-Lash Individuals


We asked: What first inspired you to start creating these gorgeous terrarium eye looks?

Ellie said: “What inspired me to create my terrarium eye looks was the beautiful flowers growing in my garden. I am fortunate enough to have a garden full of different flowers and also to have a woodland on the back of my house. When I would take my dog for walks I would come across different plants and flowers which would then spark ideas in my mind.

I have always been a massive lover of using lots of colour in my looks so I thought it would be good to incorporate colour in a different way instead of using purely makeup. The flowers also add an element of texture and three-dimensional features. I have always been a huge flower lover, so I thought why not incorporate them into my makeup, especially as it’s spring summer time!

The makeup community on Instagram also inspires me constantly as there are always so many talented artists posting amazing looks. It’s a great community to gain inspiration from.”

Ellie’s ‘Peach’ inspired look using our Enchanted Camellia lashes


We asked: How has the beauty world responded to this trend and where do you see it heading?

Ellie said: “It has really taken me aback on how great the response has been to this trend. A lot of people on Instagram are now experimenting with real fresh flowers in their looks and I love it! I love it when artists tag me in their flower looks inspired by my terrarium eyes, it is so humbling. I can’t be too sure where this trend is heading – we will have to see – but in my eyes I would love to see it on the runway and in editorial shoots. I think fashion shows with the models covered in flowers would look amazing!”

‘Rainbow Ruffles’ using our Enchanted Jasmine lashes and no.040 Under Lash


We asked: What do you love most about this trend?

Ellie said: “I love this trend so much as I think you have complete creative freedom. You can really do anything with it. My favourite aspect is that you will never run out of fresh ideas or have to repeat looks as there are so many different types of flowers in the world. I am always finding new flowers to experiment with – that is the best part! I never pre-plan a look, I always do it as I go along and see where it takes me. I will always focus the look around the flowers, so I will choose the flowers I am going to use first and then look at the size, colour and texture of the flower which will then inspire me.”

‘Pansies’ using our Definition no.128 lashes

We asked: Do you have a fave lash style to use for your looks?

Ellie said: “When I use Eylure lashes I like to look at what I have created on my eye and choose a pair that I think will really compliment it. If I have gone for a really dramatic look I like to make the lashes also dramatic – for example; I will perhaps stick lashes on the bottom lash line. I love using lashes in my looks – it makes them complete!!”

Have Ellie’s terrarium eyes got you feeling like foraging for your next beauty look or are you steering clear of this floral fad? Let us know over on our Instagram post @eylureofficial!