Brow Palette – How toMay 8, 2017

Our brow bestie Salih the ‘Eyebrow King’ says ‘every day is a good brow day’ and we couldn’t agree more! Get your brows on fleek with our fabulous Eylure Brow Palette. This three-in-one brow savior includes a wax, brow powder and highlighter, and is the perfect addition to your make-up bag. It is available in dark brown, mid brown and blonde.

We love Sal’s tips and tricks when it comes to using our Brow Palette, and his step-by-step routine is super easy to follow.

So grab your palette and get comfy in front of a mirror. It’s time to get gorgeous looking brows!

How To...

Step 1

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Brush those brows in place! We recommend you brush your hairs in the direction they grow in.

Step 2

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Apply the wax to your brows using the brow brush, to help set your hair in place. Sal likes to place this product at the tail and front of his brows.

Step 3

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Fill those brows! Using the powder, fill in any sparse areas for a fiercely defined brow look. Tip Alert: Start filling out your brows lightly, check your brows out, and build on the colour.

Step 4

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Grab a mirror and inspect your brows! This way you can see which brow needs a bit more product built in.

Step 5

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Highlight your brow bone with our highlighter, to give the illusion of a brow lift. You can also hide unwanted hairs with it!

There we have it! Five super easy steps to flawless looking brows using the Eylure Brow Palette.

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