Texture No. 117 Lashes – Pre-Glued


A long, angled lash with a twisty, messed up finish.

  • Texture Pre-Glued 117
  • Texture Pre-Glued 117
Texture Pre-Glued 117Texture Pre-Glued 117

$10.99 rrp

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The Texture No.117 Pre-glued lash is a messed-up gorgeous lash that will lightly and beautifully elongate your eye. A wispy classic! With no glue, no mess & no stress, the new formula pre-glued band has been created to last longer than all other pre-glued lashes, with a guaranteed 15-hour wear! Go from desk to dancefloor in a flash with the Eylure Pre-glued lashes. The lashes all have a cushioned band that create a comfortable wear whilst the black lash band gives a ‘built-in eyeliner’ look. Get lashed in 15 seconds & stay lashed for 15 hours!