You’re extra AF if you do these 5 things in your beauty routine

For some, beauty is more than just a routine you do in the morning – it’s a full-on lifestyle. The haters will say that makes you high maintenance, but we say that means you’re just extra AF, and we love that for you!

You might be in a committed relationship with make up or maybe you’re a dedicated worshipper of the skincare gods. Either way, you’ll be familiar with these five OTT beauty habits that some people love to hate, but you love to LOVE!

You use products that contain gold

This luxe ingredient is a staple in your routine for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. That, and it just looks drop-dead gorgeous doesn’t it?!

You keep your skincare in a mini fridge

In addition to being #aesthetic, this beauty hack keeps your skincare cool which helps to calm and de-puff the skin for a more soothing application.

You have backups of backups

You can’t live without your fave products and you can’t sleep knowing that you might run out of them soon. So, you have a backup… and a backup of that backup just in case.

Natural makeup feels wrong

You’ve tried to do a no-makeup makeup look in the past. No matter how many YouTube tutorials you follow, you always wind up injecting a little (or a lot) of your glamorous flare into the look. Afterall, graphic liner and a statement lip goes with everything!

One strip lash is never enough

Stacking lashes is a crucial part of your everyday make up look. Stubby lashes? Don’t know her.

Top tip: try mixing different false lash shapes for some extra va-va-voom! For a voluminous cat-eye look that lifts the eyes and snatches attention, stack a criss-cross lash under a flicky lash designed to accentuate the outer corners of your eyes.

We recommend the Luxe Opulent lash with the Cameo ¾ lashes from our Luxe Faux Mink collection.

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