Top Tips To Revive Your Makeup Kit

Just like our jam-packed makeup bags often give us a well-needed confidence boost, it’s also important to remember to show a little love to your favourite cosmetics – throw out those broken pencils, barely-there lipsticks and give your brushes a good rinse! Why not breathe some life into your pre-used lashes and give them a little clean ready for your next Zoom rendezvous!

Washing Makeup Brushes

In the current climate, washing our hands has never been more prominent but do you ever give a thought to washing the makeup brushes that you apply to your face

Try incorporating a brush-cleaning session into your weekly routine – dermatologists recommend that we should clean our makeup brushes every 7-10 days especially those that we use every day, such as a foundation or bronzing brush.

Wash each brush for 20 seconds in lukewarm water in a downwards motion to ensure that you don’t wear off any glue from the wand. Remember to use an antibacterial soap or makeup brush shampoo to ensure that you kill any lingering nasties.

Washing your makeup brushes regularly will ensure that any bacteria or old, cakey makeup doesn’t get transferred to your face, ensuring a more flawless makeup application every time.

Declutter And Marie Condo it

Throw out everything you haven’t used in the last 3 months and give your makeup kit a revamp. It will not only show you which products your regularly reach for but it will also free up your space, meaning more time to expand your makeup collection and try the latest releases.

Disinfect Your Powder Products

Just like your brushes, it’s also important to clean your makeup products too. Did you know that a makeup brush cleansing spray with alcohol can also double as a makeup reviver? Spray your compact powder 2-3 times and wipe or scrape off the top layer and it will be good as new. Repeat with eyeshadows and even lipsticks. A couple of sprays and that bold bright red lip is reborn!

Cleaning Your False Eyelashes

Keeping your Eylure lashes clean after every use ensures that you can get up to 15 wears out of each pair. To do this correctly, remove any leftover lash residue with tweezers, then use a cotton tip with makeup remover to gently clean away any excess glue, mascara and dirt. Leave to dry for a couple of seconds and then use a clean mascara wand to brush out the lashes to help them retain their original shape.

For more tips to reuse and maintain your lashes, check out our YouTube video featuring celebrity makeup artist Keisha East in False Lash Hacks.

Let us know which top tip you are going to use to revive your makeup kit and be sure to share your fave hacks!