The Lash Squad Loves Eylure Because…

It goes without saying that the Lash Squad loves our Eylure lashes. With major social media followings, long client lists and contacts, what keeps Amanda, Bonnie, Brooke and Ken always reaching for Eylure?

Brooke Low’s artistry has been on many of Australia’s red carpets and TV screens. As her favourite lash brand for over 20 years, Brooke loves Eylure’s variety for all eye shapes; there’s always a perfect lash for each of her clients! Brooke also personally loves our Pre-Glued range, calling it a “great point of difference” among other brands. Our Pre-Glued lashes only take 15 seconds to apply and have 15 hours of wear!

One of Brooke’s favourite lashes is Fluttery Light No. 117; also available as a ready to wear Pre-Glued lash No. 117 is the perfect everyday style to enhance your natural beauty!

Since creating Australia’s largest online beauty community through Oz Beauty Expert, Bonnie Gillies has tried her fair share of lashes for her online audience. Bonnie loves Eylure because “the quality and the style selection is SO good.”

From soft glam to party mode, she isn’t exaggerating her love for our style selection. If Bonnie could wear one pair of lashes every day, it would be Fluttery Light No. 117 Twin pack.

When she wants to level up for a party or for other formal events, Bonnie’s go-to lash is Dramatic No. 149, saying it’s “a super fun volume style.” She’s the beauty expert for a reason! The layers on No. 149 add depth and accentuate any eye look. Bonnie has been using Eylure lashes for years and can’t say she’ll ever stop!

For the talented freelance MUA and beauty vlogger Amanda Jane, Eylure has the full trifecta that she believes every brand should have: quality, affordability and variety.

Need a quick lash to put on? Amanda loves our ProMagnetic collection because the lashes are easy to use and have a beautiful end result. Our ProMagnetic lashes come in 3 on-the-go styles, Volume, Accent and Wispy. Amanda says Eylure “compares to no other.” Added bonus: beautiful packaging!

If you follow Ken Valdejueza on Instagram or subscribe to his YouTube channel, then you are no stranger to his glamourous makeup looks. Ken loves Eylure because of “the variety of lashes and the affordable price tag.”

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to complete your lash range, our Most Wanted collection has everything you could ever want – including three of Ken’s favourite lashes.

Completing Ken’s collection is Gimme Gimme, which has the perfect balance of drama and fluffiness, U Want It, for added thickness and length, and I (Heart) This, for those uber glam nights out.

Choosing the right lashes can either make or break your look and, for Ken, he will never run out of options with Eylure!

It’s safe to say the common denominator for Lash Squad is the amazing quality, style range and affordability! Why do you love Eylure? Let us know on @eylureaus!