The Fundamentals Of Magnetic Lash Application

So, you’ve bronzed your cheeks and blended a killer smokey-eye and you’re trying to hype yourself up to apply your magnetic lashes. We’ve all been there. False lashes can make or break a look, so it’s no surprise that applying them is one of the most daunting steps in our routines. We’ve got you babe, we’re here to let you in on how to easily apply your ProMagnetic lashes!

Firstly, let’s nail your ProMagnetic eyeliner. As it’s usually the last step in your routine, applying eyeliner is a high-risk process – one bump of the elbow can send your eyeliner dangerously rogue and ruin your glam. So, let’s take it slow and reduce those shaky hands by planting your elbow on your vanity or a flat surface.

Apply the first coat of ProMagnetic eyeliner along your entire lash line. Wait for it to dry completely. Repeat. Complete these steps twice more, ensuring each layer is completely dry before starting the next. Remember our lashes call for a full liner that is the same thickness as your band.

Now that your liner is perfect, it’s time to apply the lashes. Line them up to your eyeliner, press them together with your natural lash and let them work their magnetic magic!

Don’t fret if your first application isn’t perfect, you can always reapply. If you need to remove your lashes to readjust, just be sure to apply fresh coats of liner before you try again.

It’s time to take a deep breath, pick up your magnetic lashes and complete your fabulous look. We’re with you all the way!

A 5-minute application for long-lasting wear, we’re impressed, are you? Be sure to tag @eylureaus in your stunning ProMagnetic looks.