Soft Glam Looks you need try this summer

First up, what the hell is soft glam makeup? It’s a makeup style you’ll no doubt have seen. Glossy locked humans with gelled up brows, peachy blush, brown blended eyeshadow and fluttery lashes. Everything about soft glam is well, soft, with no harsh lines or bold tones in sight.


There’s a few key players in the Soft Glam makeup game – glowing skin, neutral blush, brushed brows, earthy diffused eyeshadow, eye opening long lashes and glossy nude lips. This makeup style is less about concealing and more about subtly dressing up what mama gave you.


So leave the glitz behind (for now) but keep it glam this Summer with these 5 soft, subtle yet smoldering looks.


1. Get the glow


Glowy, dewy skin is a must for Soft Glam, but hold your horses on that sparkly OTT highlighting stick. The clue is in the name, go soft and apply a creamy highlighter where you usually wear yours, blending carefully so that no obvious lines remain. Pair with Eylure’s ¾ Lashes to add a subtle kick-out finish to elongate the eyes. 


Shop the look: ¾ Length



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2.Brushed up brows


Brows act like frames for the eyes, helping to widen, brighten and accentuate them. Overly sculpted brows are NOT the vibe here, you want to work with what you’ve got. Skip the salon and give your brows an oomph with Eylure’s Dybrow at home brow kit in black or brown. Fill in any bare spots and brush them up and secure in place with gel to open the eyes and lift the face. Subtle but oh so effective


Shop the look:  Dybrow Kit in Brown or Black




3. Fluttery Lashes


Struggle with eyeliner? Skip it completely and let your lashes take the spotlight. Choose a fluttery criss-cross style lash that mimics your natural lashes to add length and volume. You can even skip the glue step with Eylure’s Pre-Glued Fluttery Light and get long, luscious lashes in…seconds! Pair with a peach, bronze or light brown shadow softly blended out.


Shop the look: Pre-Glued Fluttery Light




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4. Peachy queen


Peach on the eyes, peach on the cheeks. It’s a look you’ve no doubt seen on all over your Instagram and it’s a Soft Glam staple. Use a cream pinky-peach blush and use your fingers to blend product seamlessly into the cheeks and eyelids. Add some highlighter to the inner eyes to make them pop, a coat of lip gloss and Eylure’s featherlight, barely there Lash Illusion lashes for extra impact. We’ll even let you throw on some gems like Bianca if you’re having sparkle withdrawals. 


Shop the look: Lash Illusion No.301




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5. Nude lined lips 


The key to a plumper lip that isn’t fillers? A lip liner that matches your lips natural shade. Softly (you get the theme here) draw around your lips natural shade before filling them in with a creamy lipstick that’s also close to your natural lip colour. Melt them together with a nourishing gloss and pair with Eylure’s ¾ Length lashes for a subtle flick out at the ends.


Shop the look: ¾ Length



6. Diffused Shadows


When it comes to Soft-Glam-ready eyeshadow, stick to the same muted, neutral tones so that the colours blend seamlessly together and add definition to your eyes as opposed to making a hard statement. Make your eyes extra smoldering and finish off the look with Lash Illusion No.301 lashes, a wispy ¾ length lash perfect for a brunch date or drinks with the girls.


Shop the look: Lash Illusion No.301




Got a Soft Glam look of your own using Eylure Lashes? We’d love to see them! Tag us in your beauty look selfies over on Instagram @EylureAus and use the hashtag #EylureAus so we can check them out. Find all the products listed above ins-store and online at Priceline, Amazon,Big W and Woolworths.