Runway Ready – the latest makeup looks paired with Eylure lashes

Are you up to date with the latest glam trends? Bring the European runway to your home and recreate some of the latest trends with Eylure lashes to achieve an even more fashionable (and dreamy!) end result.

For a suggestion on the best pairings, check out our guide below.

Bold colours and LUXE 3D AURORA

2021 is the year of bold, bright, fearless colours and we are here for it! If you decide to opt for an intense red or blue eyeshadow, LUXE 3D Aurora lashes will be your ticket for an even more deep and extravagant look.

Colourful/glossy lips and LUXE FAUX MINK BAROQUE

If you love a bold lip look but prefer a simpler, but equally gorgeous eye make-up. Our Luxe Faux Mink Baroque lashes perfectly match a classic cat-eye look, for visibly longer and fuller lashes. Use it in conjunction with our Black Line and Lash for an easier application, no glue needed!

Bold eyeliner and LUXE 6D MOGUL 6D

Go all out with a strong and fearless eyeliner for a impactful and magnetic look. Choose our newest Luxe 6D Mogul lash to add gorgeous definition and a pop of drama to your next night out makeup.

Glitter and FLUTTERY 3D NO. 185

In the mood for a glittery party look? Add some colourful sparkles for an immediate vibrant and glorious eye make-up look. For a little kick of drama, best pair it with Fluttery 3D No.185 – a full and fluffy lash for added definition and fun.

Glowy skin and VOLUME No. 101

The runway has presented us with some stunning skin goals this season. To top off a jaw-dropping glowing skin look, our Volume No.101 lashes are the perfect pairing. Soft and full, this pair of lashes will enhance the dewy beauty of your skin, for a naturally gorgeous look.

Which runway trend was your favourite? For more inspo looks, find our community of Eylure babes favourite lash and makeup combos at @eylureaus.