Quick Guide: Liner with False Lashes – The do’s and don’ts

A little eyeliner can help to blend false lashes seamlessly with your natural lash line, widen your eyes and elevate your overall beauty look. A mysterious cat-eye, sophisticated flick, an eye-lengthening fishtail – we all have a go-to eyeliner power move that can become as iconic to our style as a haircut. Plus, we don’t want to skip it when wearing our falsies. But what comes first…lashes or liner? As with anything beauty, there’s a whole lotta info out there – but hey that’s where we come in – to help debunk the fact from fiction and keep your lashes looking fresh. Always.

First up, let’s cover the don’ts of the liner and lash world…


The Don’ts


1.Oil-based products


Falsies on, oil-based products be gone! Double check the labels on your mascara and eyeliner and make sure there are no oils hiding in there. Why? That beautifully applied lash stays in place with adhesive, if you then go ahead and apply an oil-based eyeliner it impacts the lash glue and wears it down.


2. Save the gel-liner for a non-falsie day.

While these allow for creativity and a longer-lasting look, the gel can end up all over your falsies and is a nightmare to remove. Straight up avoid.


3. Eyeliner pencils 


An eyeliner pencil relies on putting extra pressure on your lash line and tends to tug along it too. Both of these can ruin the lash bond and increase the risk of a wonky lash look. Not for us, thanks.


Now we’ve nailed the don’ts, let’s talk about what we CAN use…and we’ve chucked in a few extra tips for you too, because we’re good like that.


The Do’s


1.Keep it water-based.


So we’ve spoken about all the eyeliners you shouldn’t be wearing, so what should you use? 

Well, you could go liner free but we find a good slick line of black helps the lashes blend better and give your eyes more impact. If you do opt for liner make sure it’s water-based, smudge-proof, easy to put on and take off and one step better has been designed with false lashes in mind. Which brings us to ‘Do’ number 2.


2. Skip the glue – Line and Lash instead! (clear or black)


We’re all about the easy application. Combine your liner and adhesive in one hit with our line and lash product. With both clear and black options you can keep your lashes subtle or bring the drama with three coats of black.

3. Magnetise those eyes

Love lashes but hate the glue? This product’s for you. Hard to believe we know, but our Eylure ProMagnetic eyeliner uses patent-pending tech to keep those lashes in place without any sticky glue dramas. Just seriously lush lashes all day and all night.

4. Apply a coat of mascara


A great way of getting your lashes to settle into place is to apply a coat of mascara (oil-free, remember) before you’re ready to pop your falsies on. This makes your lashes a little sticky so the falsies will follow your natural lash line and blend seamlessly.


5. Makeup first then lashes


Treat your falsies as the final vavavoom to your beauty look. Do your eyeshadow and eyeliner and then finish it off with your lashes to avoid any product falling onto them. We like to go back in afterwards with a little extra liquid liner to conceal the lashes and help them blend. 

Now over to you to get creative. Find our full range of lashes, Line & Lash and ProMagnetic eyeliner kits to suit any occasion at Priceline, Woolworths, Big W or Amazon Australia. We’re always keen to see what striking looks you’ve come up with, so don’t forget tag us @EylureAus and use the hashtag #EylureAus on Instagram so we can check them out.