Matchmaker: we’ve paired each Eylure lash to your job. What style are you wearing?

Ready to level up your lash game for work? Whether you’re on the 9-5 grind or a lash-lover ready to spice up your work looks, we’ve got the perfect lash pairing to your job.

Think of us like cupid, for your falsies. 


  1. Hospitality babes: Luxe Velvet Noir lashes in Nightfall


Just because you’re wearing a uniform doesn’t mean you can’t use lashes to bring the drama. If you’re working in a restaurant or cafe – try the Eylure Nightfall lashes from the Luxe Velvet Noir range. These gorgeous, matte-black lashes last up to 18 hours, getting you through a double shift and well into the evening. 

Catching up with someone for a late-night, date-night after close? These beauties will not only stay on, but effortlessly transform your look from day to night. Working all week long? These beauties are re-usable for up to 10 wears. 

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2.  Nurse on the go: Pre-Glued Fluttery Light 117 

Let’s set the scene – you’re working incredibly long hours, on your feet, wearing a mask which limits a lot of makeup looks. We bet you want to feel put together, with a touch of glam? Work the Eylure PreGlued, Fluttery Light No. 117 lashes into your getting ready routine. 

The band is pre-glued, meaning no fiddling and no glue needed. Just apply and enjoy for up to 15 hours. Exactly what you need on the way to your 2AM shift. Feel put-together in a matter of moments. 

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3. Corporate ladder climber: ¾ Length Light & Wispy 002

On that 9-5 office grind? You still deserve to get lashed. The Eylure ¾ Light & Wispy 002 is the perfect light-weight, office-friendly lash, with a fluffy-but-subtle finish. 

The shorter lash band means volume is focused on the outer corner of your eye, giving a light, gorgeous definition. Appropriate for a meeting with your CEO with its subtle, but elevated look.

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4. Busy Mum: ProMagnetic Accent 

Mums! How you even have time to look in the mirror, we wouldnt know. If you’re ready for a well-deserved night out, it’s time to try the ProMagnetic Accent lashes.


This patented technology works by swiping on our magnetised eyeliner, which attaches to the lashes. A five minute application means no-fuss, especially with little hands around — ready for you to enjoy dinner and drinks. Lasting up to 15 uses, pop them somewhere safe for when you’re ready to add a touch of glam, again and again. You deserve it. 

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5. MUA’s and creatives: Luxe Faux Mink lashes in Cameo

Do you work in the beauty industry? Perhaps you glam other faces all day? Or, maybe you just value a lavish lash to perfect your makeup look. The Eylure Luxe Faux Mink lashes in Cameo are a great mix of feeling glam and looking like you know your stuff.

They’re an iconic lash to wear to work if you value feeling luxurious and glam when you’re on the clock. The band is easy to hide due to its small build. These ¾ beauties kick out at the end to help you slay all day. 


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