Match your Eylure lashes to your eye shape

When it comes to eyes, the type of makeup that’s going to turn your eyes from natural beauties to head-turning WOW will depend on the eye shape you have. For some, a foxey liner and voluminous lashes will elongate and open the eyes but for some eye shapes the opposite effect is true, eyes will look smaller and lashes heavier than desired.


So to make sure you nail that eye makeup look e-v-e-r-y-time, we’ve listed out the characteristics that will help you establish your eye shape AND the Eylure lashes to elevate them. Because we’re good like that.


1.Almond Eyes


Key characteristics: Pointed at the centre, rounded in the middle and slightly uplifted at the ends (aka similar to an almond shape).


Is this you? Your eyes are pretty symmetrical so you have free reign on the lashes that suit you (aren’t you lucky) but if you want to accentuate that slight upturn at the ends we’d go for Eylure’s Fluttery Light No.117 lashes with added length on the ends. Or if you’re all about the high impact try the Dramatic No. 121 lashes, everything looks good on you.


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2.Round Eyes


Key characteristics: Visible white section at the bottom of your eye underneath your irises and an obvious crease when your eyes are open.


Is this you? Enhance your round eye shape by choosing soft fluttery lashes that won’t weigh down your lash line. Try the super lightweight Lash Illusion 305 or 301 to really make those round eyes pop.


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3. Downturned Eyes


Key characteristics: This one is kinda self explanatory, are the corners of the outside of your eyes lower than the inner corners? You friend, have got downturned eyes. 


Is this you? Anything too heavy and voluminous is going to overkill that cute little downturn you have going on. Choose a light and wispy lash with a natural criss cross style and luscious length at the ends like Eylure’s ¾ Length No.002 lashes. 


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4. Hooded Eyes


Key characteristics: Trouble putting eyeliner on without it turning into a smudgy mess? Hooded eyed folks, we hear you. This eye shape tends to have less eyelid space and your upper eyelid may even cover your crease (hence the eyeliner drama). But they also give you that mysterious sultry vibe without even trying.


Is this you? Master the illusion of added depth by choosing lashes that provide length in both the middle of the lash band and taper at the ends too. Two of our faves for hooded eyes are Eylure’s Volume No.101 and Most Wanted Gimme Gimme for lush volume and eye opening magic. 


Shop the lashes: Volume & Most Wanted


5. Monolid Eyes


Key characteristics: If you’ve been wondering the whole time what a ‘crease’ is and where it is when you’ve been looking in the mirror, you might not have one. In which case, you have monolid eyes which basically means your eyelids are a blank canvas ready to play with. 


Is this you? Much like almond eyes, there’s room to get playful with your lashes with a range of styles complementing your eye shape. If you like a natural looking lash, try Eylure’s light and wispy 3/4 Length No.006 lashes, if you’re all about soft luxurious styles try Luxe Cashmere No.6 or turn heads with Most Wanted I <3 This. 


Shop the lashes: ¾ Length & Luxe Cashmere & Most Wanted


6. Wide-set Eyes


Key characteristics: If the space between the inner corners of your eyes is wider than the width of your eye, you have wide-set eyes


Is this you? If your eyes are on the wide-set side we recommend opting for lashes with a longer length in the centre of the lash and a criss-cross finish. For a more natural, flirty and layered lash choose Eylure’s Fluttery Light No.117 or add fullness and length with Fluttery Intense No.173 lashes. 


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7. Close-set Eyes


Key characteristics: If the space between the inner corner of your eyes is less long than one of your eyes, you have close-set eyes. 


Is this you? To maximize your close-set cuties, choose a lash that will elongate the eyes with a wispy, flared finish that gives the illusion of bigger eyes. To get that cat eye effect, try Eylure’s ProMagnetic Accent or Wispy Lashes that comes with a magnetic eyeliner adhesive to hold those flared lashes in place and nail that flirty flick.  


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To browse the full range of Eylure lashes and where to shop them, head to our website or check out Priceline, Woolworths, Big W and Coles instore and online. And for more lash look inspo and tips based on your individual eye shape, follow us on Instagram @eylureaus and tag us in your looks #EylureAus.