Level Up Your Lash Game: What Trends Are Beauty Gurus Using?

Keeping up with the hottest beauty trends? Same. Wanting to try them all, but don’t know where to start? 


Dial up the heat without having to scroll through TikTok and Instagram for tutorials. We’ve curated a list of how our fellow lash-lovers are using Eylure to create the fiercest looks, so you can recreate the looks you love at home.


  1. Glam Up: After Dark 


Hold up! Before we uncover all the trending looks – let’s refresh how to apply your Eylure lashes like a pro. 

Our lash-babe Ken is spilling all the do’s and don’ts while wearing the After Dark lashes from the Luxe Velvet Noir range. 

His hot tips: 


  1. Save your eyes from irritation – trim your falsies so they fit perfectly
  2. Liner is key – for dramatic Eylure lashes, liquid liner will camouflage the lash band
  3. Latex-free lash glue – use the Eylure glue that comes with your falsies. Your lashes will last all night (up to 18 hours, in fact)


Bonus: try Eylure Line & Lash – an innovative, felt tip-pen lash adhesive. This makes the process super easy and precise for all-day wear. 

Luxe Velvet Noir lashes in After Dark lashes available at Priceline

Eylure Line & Lash available on Amazon



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2. Glow to the gods: ProMagnetic Lashes


Glowy, dewy skin is IN, and here to stay. 


Achieving that ‘glowing-from-within’ look is taking the world by storm. Products like liquid highlight, light-coverage foundation and extra-shimmery blushes have surged into the spotlight. 


Iconic lash-babe Drew recently finished off their glowing-to-the-gods look with a pair of Eylure’s ProMagnetic lashes in Accent. 


Just wipe on the magnetic liner, wait a few, and then add your Eylure lashes. Effortlessness at it’s finest.


Check-out at Priceline




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3. Poppin’ Graphic Liner: Pre-Glued Fluttery Light Lashes No. 117 


Bold, graphic liner – that swish of colour to elevate your look. 


Whether you want a subtle ‘I’m here!’ pop of colour, or burst through with neon like our lash-lover Liana, there’s no doubt this trend is going off. 


Liana finishes off her pink and orange look with a pair of Eylure Pre-Glued lashes in Fluttery Light 117. These babies come with a pre-glued lash band, and last you day to night with 15 hour wear. Swipe on your liner, apply your lashes and go show the world your poppin’ look all day. 


Available to shop at Big W


4. Effortless Brown Liner: Most Wanted Gimme Gimme 


Have you ever thought ‘winged liner’ and ‘everyday makeup’ don’t fit in the same sentence? Meet the brown liner trend. Try this for a natural, effortless makeup look, with no compromise on your wing. 


How to achieve: 


  1. Pop brown eyeshadow on an angled brush, and apply like liner – thickness up to you.
  2. Add a wing, then leave it in a fierce line or buff out to be a gorgeous, bronze-y shadow.


Natural, effortless beauty – ready for on-the-go, everyday moments. 


Add a pair of Eylure Most Wanted Gimme Gimme lashes for a silk-effect wispy lash. They’re re-usable for up to 10 wears, with lash glue bound to last up to 18 hours – ready for you to take your effortless look into the night.


Available to shop at Priceline



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5. Soap Brows: Eylure Dybrow 


Time to retire your brow tweezers and save them for lash emergencies instead. Thick soap brows are hot right now-  and an everyday staple. 


The trend consists of using brow wax to push up your brow hairs, to appear fluffy, uniform and full. The next step is to apply either a brow pencil or tinted brow gel. 


Save yourself time – invest in an Eylure Dybrow kit. Simply mix, apply and wait 15 minutes, and you’ve locked in the perfect tinted brows for up to 6 weeks – ready to be styled with ease. 


Our gal Madison knows just how simple the process is – brows on fleek, if we do say so ourselves. 


Available at Woolworths



6. ‘That Girl’ Aesthetic: Nightfall Lashes 


You know the aesthetic – that girl next door look, the girl who can achieve anything.


Fresh-faced, a pop of blush and bronzer, ready to go to the beach, exercise, grab an iced coffee or run for president. Did we mention she’s also a CEO on the side? 


There are hacks everywhere on how to achieve the glowy, refreshed goodness. Our-lash babe Kaitlyn pairs her effortless look with a pair of Luxe Velvet Noir lashes in Nightfall. 


Available at  Priceline.




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7. Bold Shadows: Lash Illusion 305 


Ready to try a daring look? Go for a bold eyeshadow – the hottest way to add a pop of colour to your look. 


How to achieve this trend like Shani: 


  1. Prime your eyes.  This is a crucial first step, to make sure your shadow doesn’t move throughout the day.
  2. Choose your fave bold colour as your eyeshadow. Apply to your eyelid, then blend, blend, blend! Swirl all the way up into your crease to buff it out. 
  3. Apply the same colour in a thin line under your eyes, and blend up to your shadow for a seamless look . 
  4. To add a second bold pop like Shani, add a graphic liner over the top, either in an opposite colour to your shadow to add more drama, or a lighter shade. 
  5. Finally, the one thing you can’t compromise on is a good pair of lashes. 


The Lash Illusion 305 has a featherless, lightweight lash band, looking nearly invisible. This segmented faux mink lash adds texture and lift for a subtle flirty finish, letting your liner and lash combo shine. 


Shop these beauties at Priceline



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