Lash Hacks With The Lash Squad

Want to make false lash application as easy and seamless as possible? We’ve reached out to members of our Lash Squad to share their favourite tips and tricks that helped them get the most out of their lashes!

It’s time to start using mascara before applying your falsies. Our Lash Squad beauty expert, Bonnie Gillies is here to convince you that applying mascara first is the ultimate game changer. She likes to give her natural lashes a light coat of mascara first to help them blend with the false lashes.

While you might think this extra step will thicken your natural lashes, beauty vlogger Ken swears by putting mascara on first, it gives his lashes extra structure and hold!

Applying glue on the back of your hand is a genius hack that you can thank Lash Squad beauty, Amanda Jane for introducing you to. Amanda’s secret to getting the perfect tackiness of the glue is to apply lash glue to your lashes and also some to the back of your hand. When you feel the glue on the back of your hand has become tacky, you can then apply your lashes.

We know you’re eager to just get the lashes on, but have you ever looked at someone or even yourself and thought, something is wrong with those lashes? Perhaps you’ve noticed the lash corners lifting?

There is one simple solution to be rid of those uncomfortable lash corners and it’s to trim the false lashes to fit your eyeline! If Brooke, Bonnie and Ken can get anyone to practice one lash hack, this is it!

For easier application, Amanda suggest to bend the lashes to form a curve to suit your eyes! This way, you have less readjusting and reduces the risk of poking yourself in the eye to get the lashes on.

Once you’ve bent the lashes to fit your eye shape, it’s time to finally apply the lashes. At what angle are you looking into the mirror? Straight ahead? Upward? Or down?

If you are looking straight ahead or upwards, you need to stop and look down! Bonnie and Ken swear by looking down when applying lashes because it means that the eyeliner is stretched out and the skin doesn’t crinkle like it does when the eyes are closed. No one wants skin crinkles! Bonnie also does this to eliminate the risk of gluing the top lashes to the bottom.

So, you’ve nailed your lash application and you’re going about your day when you notice that half of your lash is starting to come away. Annoying, right?

Long-lasting wear is the goal and Brooke has the ultimate tip for you! Once you’ve applied the falsies, lightly curl your natural and false lashes together so they don’t budge throughout the day.

Voila! Six revolutionary lash hacks from the experts and ultimate beauty lovers of the Lash Squad. Which life-changing hack will you try first? Let us know on @eylureaus!