In vs. out: how to elevate your look with Eylure

In – graphic liner, pops of colour, fun lashes, sparkly gems, being creative.
Out – settling for anything less than Eylure to elevate your glam.

It’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for the hottest looks, tips and tricks on what’s trending. 


In: Contrasting Eyeshadow Colours

Don’t just add one fun colour to your next eyeshadow look. Go two, three or even four contrasting colours. 

Be like Krisha and add one fun colour on your lid, another to your waterline, and if you’re game add fun lil’ dots, too. Hers are in royal blue, which works to tie in her look. The pièce de résistance – the Eylure Line & Lash Black Adhesive Eyeliner Pen, and Luxe Faux Mink lashes in Baroque, which delicately kick out at the corner for a luxurious flair. 

Baroque Lashes available at Woolworths, Priceline and Big W 

Eylure Line & Lash available at Priceline and Big W

Out: Not Being Creative

Hot tip: Creativity is key to an on-trend makeup look. 

Express yourself through colour, style and a fun pair of lashes. Take lash-lover Grace as an example – her look is inspired by pretty pastels, cucumber and strawberry goodness. She also rocks the Eylure Most Wanted I Heart This lashes – which are the current VIBE. She (understandably) names these falsies as the only lash she wears. We don’t blame her – they’re brimming with softly-structured fibres and a silky flair. 

Available at Priceline , Big W and Amazon




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In: Changing up your glam with the season 


The trend cycle – it’s constantly changing, especially as the weather heats up or cools down. 


Transitioning your look depending on the time of year is an easy way to keep up with the hottest looks of the season. Ken shows us how it’s done – from smoky-matte shadow for winter, to glitter, vibrancy and colour for spring. One thing always stays the same – his falsies. He’s using the Eylure Most Wanted Gimme Gimme lashes to complete his glam with that silky, eye-opening finish.  


Available at Priceline




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Out: Lashes that aren’t comfortable

Lashes should do three things: make you feel your best, be high-quality, and be comfortable.

Shanice knows what’s up – they’ve switched to Lash Illusion 301 to complete her vibrant, rainbow glam. Ditch the uncomfy falsies, and go for the Eylure Lash Illusion range instead. These babies are made with a thin, flexible band, making them feel almost weightless. You’ll be keen to wear them all day – peek at those luxurious, lightweight, faux mink fibres.

Available at Priceline, Woolworths and Amazon



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In: Lashes that last all night  

The worst feeling – you’re out on a fun night out and you feel a lash slowly… peel… off. That ain’t happening on our watch. 

Meet your new bestie, Eylure Luxe Velvet Noir lashes in Nightfall. We’ll let you in on a secret – they’re not only matte-black and made from faux mink fibres, but pair them with our Eylure 18-Hour Lash Glue, and you’ll have your falsies on from daytime, all the way to home-time. Morgan is slaying her graphic liner paired with these babies – and she’s ready to conquer the world.

Nightfall available at Priceline 



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