How to pair lashes with lenses

If you’re a bespectacled babe harbouring a love affair with lashes, don’t fret! It’s a common misconception that glasses and false eyelashes don’t mix well. But we know that with the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, anyone can rock a pair of falsies.

1. Use contact lense friendly lashes

When your eyes take centre stage, it’s important to pick a lash that won’t do the absolute most to irritate them. Luckily all Eylure lashes are safe and non-irritating, even for contact lense wearers. This means that when you wear our lashes with glasses, you will experience nothing but supreme comfort.

2. Use your glasses as a guide

When choosing the perfect lash to frame your gorgeous face, pay attention to how your glasses sit on your nose. If your specs sit lower down on your nose, then you can afford a little extra length to your lashes. If your lenses rest higher on your nose, closer to your eyes, then a shorter lash is best for you.

3. Apply mascara to your lashes

Don’t skimp on this crucial step just because you wear glasses! Before putting your falsies in place, apply a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes. This helps to tame your natural eyelashes and blend them into your falsies whilst giving the lash glue a little extra something to adhere to. By applying mascara before, rather than after you put on your falsies, you’re less likely to get black smudges on your lenses.

Top tip: mascara helps curl your lashes up and away from your glasses. But if you’re a gal with pin-straight lashes that jut right into your lenses, try using a lash curler first for some extra hold and definition.

4. Don’t sweat the application

If you’re a long-sighted lady, that’s ok! Perch your glasses on the tip of your nose so you can still see through them when you look down to apply lash glue without blocking your eyes off when it’s time to put the lashes on.

Top tip: to avoid the mess and blur of applying lash glue, try using pre-glued lashes. You can pop these straight onto your lash line quickly and easily. This will help you avoid spending too much time without your glasses on properly.

So, what are the perfect lashes to glam up your glasses?

Individuals – Short

For a natural look with fullness you can control, short individual lashes are a must! These babies also won’t brush up against your glasses thanks to their ideal short length.

Volume No. 101 Pre-Glued

Open up your eyes beneath those heavy lenses with this voluminous lash. It’s pre-glued to avoid the mess of lash glue, and the perfect length to sit comfortably behind those lenses.

Luxe Cashmere No. 06

Add a bit of luxury with the fullness of this soft, sweet and wispy lash that won’t skimp on the drama. Yes! You can have a full-glam look without compromising on comfort behind your specs.

Which hack is your fave? Show us your favourite falsies + glasses combo and don’t forget to tag @eyelureaus!