How to live your best soft-girlie life with Eylure

The soft girl aesthetic is everywhere RN, from our TT fyp and IG feeds, to red carpets and FW catwalks. 


Still confused? We’ll break it down for you real quick: living your best soft-girlie life in 2023 is all about spreading positive, joyous vibes and embracing your dreamy feminine side — with incredible fits and makeup to match OFC.  


If you wanna enter your soft-girl era and don’t know where to start, we’ve done the hard work for you, rounding up our fave tips to abso nail the aesthetic. 


1. Start your lewk with self-love 


Gorgeous gorgeous (soft) girlies know that outer beauty starts from within. 


Being a soft girl is all about manifesting a gentle, loving presence, and giving yourself space to be you. That means swiping right on yourself and spending time with you bestie — double cleanse, practice positive affirmations, take a stroll, journal — take a leaf out of Miley’s book and buy yourself the flowers. 


2. Meet your new style icon: The Y2K princess


When popping together your new ‘drobe, think pinks, pastels, glitter and cutesy, laid-back style. Grab inspo from your fave Y2K pop stars, Bratz dolls and the OG soft-girl kween, the Kawaii girl. Ruffles? Check. Puff-sleeve dresses? Check. Florals, silks and chunky knits? Triple check.  





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3. Accessories are EVERYTHING


No soft-girl vibe check would be complete without scrunchies, hairbands or colourful butterfly clips for extra oomph. Where would Ariana be without her signature hair accessories? If in doubt, more is always more — think cutesy fuzzy hats, Y2K baguette shoulder bags, chunky shoes and beaded colourful jewellery. 






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4. Make skincare your new BFF


The soft girl skin mantra is fresh and dewy always, so skincare is key. Show your face some love with a bangin’ daily skincare routine and be rewarded with a flawless base for your soft girlie makeup. We’re talking cleanse, hydrate, protect, repeat — write it down and memorise it. 


5. No makeup, makeup 


 To nail the dream soft girl look, all you need is layers of peachy pink blush, overly glossy lips, and a patch or two of freckles. Go easy on the foundation but heavy on the blush, hitting the cheeks, nose and eyelids with a peach or rosy shade. Swipe on some highlighter and a dewy gloss and you’re good to go — easy right?


Still NQR? Get the ultimate soft girl look with a little help from Issy’s flawless makeup routine. 






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6. Finish your lewk with Eylure Light & Wispy 008 Lashes


No soft girl would be complete without a set of full, fluttery falsies, and Eylure Light & Wispy 008 are the new soft-girl lash of dreams. Delicate, flirty and made from faux mink fibres, these lashes are perf for adding fullness to the outer edge with a gorg twisty finish. The ¾ length lash band means there’s no trim needed, making them perf for adding natural flair when you’re on the run. Plus with their 18-hour wear, you can maintain that endless natural oomph for hours. 


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