How to do your makeup in under five minutes with Eylure

This summer we’re either super busy or way too chill for intricate makeup looks. When the sun is shinin’ down, and you have a dinner reservation in 20, you need a go-to makeup routine that you can do in five minutes. 

Here’s a few tips on how to be out the door, martini in hand, pronto.


1. Get your face base down pat 

Beauty lovers, it’s important to have a fave face-base product that you can rely on in a rush. On those hot, busy days, opt for something that can be blended in very quickly. Our top tip? Invest in a tinted sunscreen to save time AND your skin from those harsh summer rays. 

Squeeze a pump onto your hands, then gently rub into the skin. All-over coverage will be yours in 30 seconds flat. 


2. A trusty cream blush and bronzer

If you’re running low on time, put your trust in cream makeup products, like a blush and bronzer. Not only do they sit beautifully on the skin, but they’re easy to blend and as pigmented as you desire. It’s the best way to look super put together and radiant with minimal effort. 

Apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks, and blend in with your brush (or fingers). Bring a tiny bit of colour in towards your nose and out towards your temples, for a natural glow. Apply cream bronzer onto your cheekbones, hairline, jawline and down your nose, to look super glowy and bronzed.

Bonus — these products will blend in super well with your chosen face base.

Ken does exactly this, and finishes his look with Eylure’s Pre-Glued Fluttery Light lashes in 117 — the ultimate flirty, easy, and effortless lash. Available at Priceline



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3. Pre-Glued lashes 


Whether you’re new to lashes or falsie-obsessed, pre-glued lashes are about to be your new holy grail. They’re the easiest lashes ever — adding a subtle but flirty finish that’ll elevate your look with minimal effort. The Eylure Pre-Glued range takes 15 seconds to apply, for 15 hours of wear. Formulated with a pre-glued lash band, all you’ll need to do is take them out of the packaging and apply. Yes, it’s that easy. 

The Eylure Pre-Glued 003 lashes have a handy ¾ length lash band. No trim needed = even MORE time saved. It also creates a built-in liner look, adding definition without having to fiddle with liquid eyeliner (score). 

Sarita adds a pair on her way to a photoshoot after a busy day of mum duties. Look at that quick application and instant elongation. Shop now at Woolworths.





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4. Do a Dybrow 


Eyebrows are such a defining facial feature, and can really elevate your on-the-go makeup — they’re just super time-consuming. Instead, give your brows the Eylure Dybrow treatment. 

An easy brow dye you can do at home, set to last up to six weeks. It’s a super easy 15-minute application, resulting in more defined, darker brows. You’ll be able to put that brow pencil away for weeks, and have ample time to get ready. 

Jacob shows just how easy it is to use the Dybrow range, for brows-on-fleek for weeks. Shop now at Big W .




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5. Gloss to win 


When you’re running late, there’s no time to fiddle with lip liner and lipstick. Opt for a tinted lipgloss, or lip balm — something you can swipe on in seconds. 

These no-fuss products are great because they fit in your handbag, and don’t need a mirror to re-apply throughout the day. Plus, your lips will feel super hydrated, for longer.