Golden girls: 6 golden smokey eye looks and how to achieve them with Eylure false lashes

Ready to go for gold? We’ to show you how adding a little shimmer and spice to your go-to smokey eye will help frame those eyes and make them sparkle even more than they usually do. So in the words of Tyra Banks…it’s time to ‘smize’.

So grab your metallic eyeshadow and scroll below for 6 ways on how to achieve this smouldering golden girl look. Don’t forget your Eylure lashes, they’re a must have in taking that golden eye to a smoking-hot new level.


1. Golden Goddess


We call this look sophisticated sparkles. A subtle look that is a good place to start if you’re new to the eyeshadow blending world, using warm rich golds and browns that compliment all skin tones. Start with the darker brown at the corner and edge of your eye, then add the golden tones. Add a layer of glitter and pair with Eylure’s Pre-Glued Fluttery Wispy lashes for date-night ready chic. 



2. Trend-setter


Why try one beauty trend when you can play with three? This look nails the double liner looks we’ve been seeing all over in 2021, including the kitten eye as well as that all important eye-popping gold. So where to begin? Start off by perfecting your gold eye-shadow blend. Then, using a black or brown eyeshadow and angular brush, frame the under eye as well as the crease before blending slightly. Once you’re happy with step one and two, it’s time to get that kitten eye. Using Eylure’s ProMagnetic liner, carefully draw along the upper lash line, creating that angular flick to lengthen the eyes. Repeat. Allow to set before applying ProMagnetic Wispy lashes to finish off this 2021 ready look. 



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3. Bring the Glitter


Where there’s gold, it’s only natural that glitter will follow. Use warm bronze on the top crease and darker brown around the edges of the eye line before adding a glittery golden eye-shadow on the lid, then blend out for that smouldering smokey eye effect. Finish off with Eylure Line & Lash as a seamless adhesive, perfectly paired with customer favourite Most Wanted Gimme Gimme lashes that add even more drama.



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4. Elongate the eyes


Combining two of our favourite makeup styles – golden hues and a fierce cat eye blend extending below the eye line helps elongate the eyes and really makes them pop. Make a statement by adding bronze, copper and browns into your gold eyeshadow and applying them further up the eyelid. Pair with Most Wanted Gimme Gimme for a show-stopping look. 



5. Be the Golden Hour


A look that simply states: the more gold the better. Create your own golden hour moment and use a soft brush to loosely apply shimmering yellow gold eyeshadow. In the corner and ends of the eye line, apply a darker gold tone to help frame the eyes. Carefully apply Eylure Most Wanted #Have2Have lashes to finish off the look. Golden lips, cheeks and brows? Well that’s up to you. 



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6. Play with placement


Make-up is all about getting creative. There are no rules, so why not play around with your colour blending? For this look the eye is framed with a striking gold eyeshadow liner underneath the eye that fades to a warm deep gold and bronze on the top lid. Divine. Just pop on some Eylure Dramatic lashes to complete your hypnotizing look.



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For more on-trend beauty looks and how to nail them check out @EylureAus for all the latest lash-loving updates. Find all the lashes listed above at Priceline, Big W, and on Amazon. Now go golden girl it up!