Get Zoom-ready in 10 minutes with Eylure

Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts whatever program you’re using, video calls and conferences have become a huge part of our work DNA since the pandemic kicked off in 2020. And be honest here, how much time have you spent staring at yourself/working out your best angle on the call? 

Well, we’re here to help you make sure that every angle is your best one with 7 steps to nailing that ‘woke up like this’ look with some help from Eylure Dybrow and Pre-Glued lashes. Start your stopwatch and get fresh-faced zoom-call ready in 10 minutes. 3,2,1…


STEP 1: Dybrow

Alright we cheated just a teeny bit on this one but getting your brows on fleek the night before is an easy peasy way to save on time before that 9am meeting. Just one application of Eylure’s Dybrow, that comes in dark brown and black, will give you up to 6 weeks of salon-quality brows. The bolder, fluffier the better to make an impact on the call. Check out the image below for an impressive brow level-up. 


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STEP 2: Morning skincare

Your morning skincare ritual just got even more important with face masks now being the must-have accessory in 2021. Repeat after us, cleanse, then cleanse again, add a glow-boosting vitamin c serum, moisturise and finish it off with sunscreen. Enviable glowy complexion on the video chat and in RL. Done.


STEP 3: Tinted moisturiser

If you’re wanting a little more coverage than a moisturised bareface, avoid foundation (combined with a face mask it’s a no no) and pop on some tinted moisturiser. This helps to even the skin tone and give your complexion a boost on the not so high-res webcam view.


STEP 4: Concealer

A swipe of concealer is your best friend for covering up dark circles under our eyes first thing in the morning or tackling a surprise blemish or two. Choose a colour that matches your skin tone or is a little lighter for a quick and easy lift.  


STEP 5: Highlighter or blush

Tackle that washed-out webcam look and far from optimum home-office lighting by adding creamy peach or pink blush to your cheekbones. Add a sweep of highlighter on the upper cheeks, temples and end of the nose to give your skin a radiant finish.


STEP 6: Pre-Glued lashes

Ok now to open those eyes and make them sparkle on cam. For a video meet, we’d go for the Pre-Glued No.031 or No.117 to tie in to your no make-up make-up look. Even we can’t get over how quick and easy Pre-Glued lashes are to apply. Gently remove them from the packaging, measure against your eye line and trim with scissors if necessary. Then pop them in place, holding firmly against your natural lashes for a second to ensure they are firmly attached. Wider, brighter eyes? Yes please.



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STEP 7: Lip liner and gloss

Finish off the look by giving your lips a little TLC. Accentuate your lips natural shape by framing them in a lip liner that matches your lips natural tone. This will help them to look fuller, soft and plump aka #lipgoals. Add a nourishing gloss for lips that may be feeling on the dry side from all the inside time.




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