Friend or Foe? Why Faux Mink Is The Way To Go

You may have heard of the debate surrounding mink before, but what is the big deal you ask? Below we break down what mink lashes are and when it comes down to it, why faux is the only way to go.

What is Mink?

Minks are small animals closely related to otters, weasels and ferrets. Mink lashes use the fur from these little guys, and while that may sound okay, this actually means the minks are bred specifically for their fur. Many brands may claim that the mink they use in their lashes are cruelty free, obtained through brushing their fur, or safely collected. However the minks that they use are usually kept in small, unsanitary cages with little room to move. The reason why Mink fur is used in lashes is due to their very fine, soft and silky feel that closely mimics your natural lashes and helps to give a fuller or thicker look.

What’s the alternative?

Faux Mink of course! If you are looking for silky soft lashes that mimics the effect of mink, our Luxe Lashes Collection are your go-to. Completely synthetic, our Luxe lashes are crafted with a mink-effect fibre, for a real mink look with an ethical spirit. They are super-soft with a premium feel, yet are 100% animal-friendly and cruelty free, as no real mink hair is used in these lashes.

Our fave from the collection are our Luxe Opulent Lashes. These lashes are a pretty and delicate style with gorgeous length, whilst also being naturally criss-crossed for a beautiful finish.

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