How To Find The Perfect Lash Style For Your Eye Shape

Determining your eye shape is not always an easy task. While all of our lashes suit everyone, knowing the unique features that characterise your eyes will help you select lashes that beautifully accentuate your features and bring out your best you!

Whether you have almond, deep-set, hooded, monolid or round peepers, there is a perfect Eylure Lash for every eye shape. Below we share our guide to working out which shape you have and the falsie style that will make your eyes centre stage.

If you have almond shaped eyes, you will notice that they may be slightly angular with your iris (the coloured part of your eye) touching the top and bottom of your eyelid, as well as a visible crease in your top lid. With this eye shape, it’s key to look for lashes that add luscious length and an extra touch of flutter. Our pick is our latest and greatest Fluttery No. 175 Falsies. With their daringly defined outer edge, they will beautifully open up your eye and achieve lash perfection in just seconds.

For a deep-set shape, the eye will appear tucked further back into the socket with a strong brow bone across your entire eye. When choosing the perfect falsie style for this shape, look for lashes that are wispy in finish and help to open up the eye. Our classic Texture No.117 Pre Glued Lashes with their criss-crossed messy finish will lightly and beautifully elongate your eyes. Combined with a mess free 15-second application and 15-hour wear, these babies will keep you looking flawless all day long!

A hooded eye shape typically means that your eyelid crease will be hidden or less visible. It may mean that you have less lid space, and may tend to find it a little more difficult to apply fake lashes or eyeliner. But never fear! The best lashes for this eye type are our Exaggerate No. 141, which have longer lash strands in the centre, allowing for the illusion of added depth.

If you have a monolid shaped eye your crease won’t be visible, so to beautifully compliment this eye, lashes that have a feathery finish and emphasis on the outer edges are best! Our Luxe Baroque falsies are the perfect fit, with their silky-soft style and delicate kick-out at the edge will create a natural yet emphasised look. Crafted from a faux mink effect fibre, each lash strand is glossy and beautifully soft.

For round eyes, the whites of your eyes will be clearly visible, both above and below your iris. The perfect pairing for this eye shape are our Definition No.121 lash style, which will help to add extra curve and depth. With its defined outer edge, these falsies will provide the perfect cat-eye effect for a unique and beautiful look.

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Image via @kellsiebainmakeup.