Eco Lash & Stash – the new range of Eylure falsies you need to know about

Super sassy lashes, no compromises on sustainability. Introducing Eylure Eco Lash & Stash — Eylure’s newest range of environmentally friendly false lashes. Bring the drama back to your falsies with four new styles to choose from, all coming with a reusable and recyclable lash case to keep them safe between wears. 




The reusable lash case – Eylure Eco Lash & Stash

Think about if you had a dollar for every time you lost a pair of falsies. 

Flashback to your last night out — as soon as you get home, the first thing you want to do is take off your lashes, with no cares in the world about where you leave them… until you’re ready to glam again, and they’re nowhere to be found. Wasteful, time-consuming and frustrating. 

The Eco Lash & Stash case is designed to keep your falsies safe between wears and on the go. Whether it’s 

  • You keep a pair of falsies in your work bag to pop on before meetings 
  • You stash a pair in your overnight bag so you’re never without 
  • You love having a pair in your purse for on the go

The recyclable case will do wonders. When you’re finished with your Eco Lash & Stash lashes, either recycle the case or use it with your next pair of falsies. 



Eylure Eco Lash & Stash— four new styles, four new personalities

Pick from four new gorgeous lash styles, all exclusive to Priceline and made from faux mink fibres. 

Date Night

Skip straight to romance with this naturally textured lash, with a shorter lash band for a sultry flair. Ken recently started using these falsies and LOVES how easily they fit in a handbag. He just takes them out of the box, applies Eylure Line & Lash glue, and then pops them on. 


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Lash’d Up

A full and angled lash, crafted to perfectly frame the eye and increase the drama. These falsies are the perfect addition to a night out, a black tie event or a flirty eyeshadow look. 


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Go To

A textured criss-cross lash with a wonderfully wispy effect fit for every occasion. Marisa pops them on for a gorgeous length to finish off her matte eye look. She says these falsies are perfect for the NYE parties she has coming up and is IN LOVE with the cute and compact lash case. 

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Party Ready

Delicate and flirty, this layered lash encourages you to enhance your natural beauty. This pair has a gorgeous flair, made from stunning faux mink fibres — a staple for any event this celebration season. 




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