Easy and Glowy: Get the Hailey Bieber Look

Comin’ in hot: the ultimate cool girl, Hailey Baldwin Bieber. 


If you haven’t heard, let us fill you in. Miss Bieber is one of the most influential celebrities at the moment – and a go-to for current fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspo. 


From being married to our ultimate-teenage-crush Justin Bieber, to her effortlessly-cool fits, new skincare line, glowy makeup, down to her nails – Hailey is your gal for everything trending. 


We’ve put together  tips to achieve her look: natural, radiant makeup for on-the-go, or ‘effortless-chic’, you may say.




  1. Model-Off-Duty: Pre-Glued Lashes

If we could interview Hailey, we’re pretty sure her fashion mantra would be to throw on a blazer, everyday makeup, a tank and jeans – AKA: the trending ‘model-off-duty’ look. It’s a constant cycle of ‘how does she look so amazing, but also like she threw this together in five mins, in a good way?!’ 


Hot tip: give Eylure Pre-Glued lashes a go. 


The range comes with a pre-glued lash band, just remove from the packaging and apply, without fussing with glue. It’s the ultimate hack to looking put together in about 15 seconds. Rock your model off-duty look into the night, with 15-hr wear out of these bad boys. 


Pick up these beauties at Priceline 



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2. Glossy, hydrated lips 

Owning her own skincare brand, Hailey’s well-known for her glowy, glassy skin – paired with lips glossed to the gods. Achieve her look and level up your lips with a few simple steps:


  1. Use lip scrub! Lightly exfoliate to remove any old skin cells.
  2. Go ham on lip balm. Don’t underestimate the power of a killer balm that will quench even the Sahara desert.
  3. Choose natural lip colours. Nothing too OTT for your lipstick or gloss. Remember: natural-looking radiance. 
  4. Prioritise hydration! Drinking enough water does more than you think – for healthy, plump lips and glowy skin too. 


  1. Daily Routine: ¾ Lashes in Light & Wispy 006

When Hailey goes out, her eye makeup is kept to a minimum – with a focus on a wispy, natural-looking lash. 


Wanna try for yourself? Go for the Eylure ¾ Length Light & Wispy lashes in 006. With no trim involved, just pop on the latex-free lash glue and apply. In typical Hailey fashion, the ¾ length means the lash kicks out at the ends to extend, give volume, but still feel natural and easy-to-wear. 


Run, don’t walk, to Big W




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  1. Glazed Donut Nails

Yep – we typed that right. Miss Bieber started a whole new nail trend. 


Glazed donut nails, or ‘Hailey Bieber nails’ are a shiny, chromatic nail, made famous by our gal herself. Like the name suggests, the colour consists of a nudey-white base, with a glazed sheen to finish. Not only do they (just) fit into being a natural-style nail colour, they’ll match any outfit, and any makeup look! 



5.  Effortless Makeup: Lash Illusion 301 

We’re sure you can tell, Hailey is a busy queen. Besides being a cultural icon – she’s a business owner, model, and real person, too. 


When your whole persona and brand is based around natural radiance and beauty, you need a lash to match for a ‘barely there’ vibe. Go for the Eylure Lash Illusion Faux Mink 301’s. 


Four words: ‘your lashes, but enhanced’. The weightless-feeling band is flexible and nearly invisible. Just pop on these beauties and forget they’re there, and enjoy the compliments. Made with faux mink fibres for a luxe feel. With 18 hour-wear and 10 uses – let people believe the lashes are so natural that they’re your own. 


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