Beauty Hacks: How to Make Your Lashes Stay All Day

Oh yes, you can have it all. A speedy morning routine, and lashes that stay all day. We’ve compiled all of the best tips and tricks on how to make your lashes last into the night – if you dare.



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  1. Prep the skin 

Fresh, prepped skin. There’s nothing better for you OR your lashes. The very first step in making sure your falsies stay all day is ensuring your lashes are squeaky clean. This means washing off any old mascara, or residual lash glue from last night (we’ve all been there). 


Your falsies will attach better to your lash line with a clean base, and they’ll stay right in place all day. 


2. Try a pre-glued lash band 

It definitely takes practice to apply lash glue perfectly, and sometimes you just don’t have time for that. Skip the glue all-together with a pre-glued lash band. 


The Eylure Pre-Glued range takes 15 seconds to apply – for 15 hours worth of wear. No more fussing around in the mornings, getting frustrated and giving up. Your lashes will be easy to pop on AND long-lasting – score.


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3. Invest in good quality lash glue 

A game changer: using good quality lash glue. A high-quality glue makes all the difference in your falsies locking in place. 


The Eylure lash glue is a clear, quick-drying lash glue. Basically screaming ‘I’m here!’ while invisibly holding your falsies in place. The best part – the glue lasts 18 hours. Just trim your lashes, apply a coat of the glue, wait 30 seconds and apply. Once they’re on, go ahead and forget about them – they aint moving. 


You can grab the Eylure lash glue from Big W if you need a spare/back up, they are also included in every lash pack!


4. Try a ¾ lash for a more natural feeling 

Do your lashes not last all day because you just don’t love the feeling? Try a ¾ length lash, for a wispy and natural-feeling fit. 


The Eylure ¾ Light and Wispy range add a touch of volume and texture, with a natural kick at the outer-corner, minus that irritated feeling of having a lash band on your inner corner. Pair with the Eylure lash glue, and you’re good as gold. 


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5. Lock that band in place 


Secure down that lash-band! It will make all the difference if the band is locked in place, and not lifting at either end. 


When popping the inner corner of the lash on, look towards the outer corner so you can wiggle the band into place easily, then vice versa. If you feel you need extra support, apply some more glue. 


6. Skip the glue all-together


Yep you heard it right – skip that lash glue all together. Try the Eylure ProMagnetic lash and liner kit. 


The liner uses patented technology to deliver a revolutionary magnetised eyeliner that sticks to your falsies. Just apply liner, flick that wing, then attach. You’re out the door in about 5 minutes, with a sultry lash look complete. The best part is these babies last for up to 15 wears – so you’re bound to get quicker at applying each time. 


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