A Personalised Approach – How To Customise Your False Lashes

Do you have a favourite Eylure falsie but you’re looking for a way to step it up and try something new? What would you say if we had a way to customise your strip lash with a few simple steps and a steady hand? Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

Enhancing your strip lash can work for a number of reasons, whether it’s to breathe new life into a favourite OG style, or you’ve cut your last pair of lashes too small and need to add some extra length along the lash line. Our knot-free Individual lashes are your saving grace in all scenarios.

It doesn’t need to be too complicated – simply apply your strip lashes as you normally would and let them dry completely before bringing out the individual lashes and deciding where you want to add extra definition, length or volume. If it’s on the inner corners of your eye, stick to the short lashes, if it’s for added volume and definition through the middle of your lash line, we suggest opting for the medium lashes and finally, if you’re hunting for the elusive cat-eye effect along the outer edges, the long lashes are your new bestie.

Once you’ve chosen your gorgeous lash design, place some glue either on your hand or on the lash tray before using a pair of your trusty tweezers to pick up the individual lash. Apply a small amount of glue and let it dry until tacky, go in confidentially with the lash and gently place it in the desired spot. Work your way out, whilst always checking in the mirror from a distance to ensure you’re achieving the desired look.

We suggest alternating between your right and left eye throughout the entire application to make sure both peepers look the same!

If you want to see this technique in action, visit our IGTV channel on @eylureaus or check out our YouTube at Eylure Australia and watch the master, @smjp_makeup, work her magic.

Image: @smjp_makeup