6 Brow hacks to get your best brows, always


There’s no denying, having a strong brow game has become an important part of our beauty regime. From bushy, brushed up, arched and defined, straight and slim to the current revival of the 90s skinny brow (yep we know), our brows have the ability to completely transform our face and make a statement.


BUT to avoid spending hours on them every morning, we’ve all done it, and to save you some $$$ at the salon we’ve come up with 6 super simple tricks to help you get your very best brows, without the fuss.


1.Don’t over pluck


Let us repeat this again DO NOT overpluck. Well unless you’re going for that 90s skinny brow but proceed with caution as over plucking damage can take a good while to grow back, if ever. One of the best brow tips involves you doing sweet nothing and leaving those natural brows the hell alone. Yep, tweezers are a great tool for sorting out any rogue hairs but leave the shaping to the products, they’re way better at it.


2.Find your product perfect match


First up, establish your brow goals. Once you’ve ironed those out you can go about finding the right product for what you’re wanting to achieve. Need to fill in sparse spots and get more definition? Try a brow pomade with an angled brush. Want to give the colour a boost? Tint those brows (more on that below). Want the brushed up lamination effect? Brush on a brow gel or even more ‘hacky’ grab a clear soap and a spoolie brush. 


3.Get tinting

Cut down on your getting ready time in the morning by tinting your brows. Use Eylure’s super easy to use Dybrow kit in black and dark brown and get those enviable, salon quality brows without having to leave the house. As they last up to 6 weeks, that’s one lot of effort for 6 weeks worth of beautiful brows. If you like the brushed up look, just run a little sculpting product through them with a spoolie and that’s your brows done in a hot minute.


4. Use a flicking motion


If you’re filling in your brows for a fuller and defined look, mimic the direction, look and feel of your eyebrow hairs by applying eyebrow powder or pencil in an angled, short and flicking motion. This will give you the definition you want in the most natural, realistic way.


5. Be real with your brow arch


Avoid getting caught up in the look of your favourite celeb’s brows and enhance your own natural brow line. If you go too off the beaten track with your brow product you’ll end up looking angry or constantly surprised and nobody wants that, obviously. But how to find your arch? Grab a brow pencil and hold it against your nose, lining it up diagonally with the centre of your eye. Boom, that’s where you should lightly accentuate your arch with your fave brow product. 


6.Start with the centre and work out


Need a little oomph to accentuate the brows? Apply your favourite brow sculpting/ filling product from the centre of your brows working your way (flicky motion remember) to the outer edge. Your brows naturally end at a place that lifts your face so avoid extending them too far out as this can make them look droopy.


Follow these 6 simple steps and your brows will be fabulous always, we promise. You can get your hands on Eylure’s at home Dybrow kit in black and dark brown in store or online at Woolworths, Priceline, Big W and Amazon. If you have any of your hacks you’d love to share, slide into the DM’s on Instagram @EylureAus or tag us in your badass brow looks.