5 Minutes With Chloe Morello

It’s not a secret that we are obsessed with mega babe Chloe Morello, and we know you are too! From her head turning make-up looks and witty personality, what’s not to love?! Chloe recently chatted to us about all things beauty and gave a sneak peak into the creation of the latest Eylure x Chloe Morello Collaboration.

In a quest to find the Holy Grail lash style, Chloe doubted if her ideal lash ever existed. Presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Eylure, everything she’d ever wanted in a lash was able to become a reality. Working to design three styles inspired by her Italian heritage, allowed her to explore trends and identify opportunities in the Eylure range to bring her followers her favourite lash wardrobe.

“I gathered together all my favourite lashes and wrote down what I loved about each of those lashes. I figured out pretty early on that I wanted to have 3 different levels of lash intensity. I knew what my favourite things about my ideal lashes were so I did a lot of drawings, sent a lot of pictures of inspiration to Eylure and we came up with the collection from there.”

Combining her ideas and Eylure’s signature false lashes lead to the development of the Capri, Positano and Milano lash styles in the Eylure x Chloe Morello Collection. Being a long-time beauty lover Chloe understood that she needed to create a line that her followers would also fall in love with. With this in her mind, the collection was created with different personalities and preferences in mind, as well as staying true to Chloe’s original lash vision.

“The natural lash (Positano) is carefree, perfect for every day, simple and quick. It is perfect for when you don’t want to spend too much time on your makeup but you still want to be put together, really flirty and pretty,”

“The Milano lash is for the fashionable, cool girl who wants to be stylish. She’s going to pop on her Milano lash, throw on some lipstick and is good to go,”

“Capri is for when I want to sit down and have a 3 hour makeup session, finish off with my lashes and feel really glamorous.”

Expressing her excitement, Chloe was proud to announce that her Eylure collaboration will be exclusively available to Priceline.

“Priceline is like my favourite makeup shop and it is everywhere which I love because I don’t want any of my followers to miss out on these amazing lashes.”

For applying false lashes, Chloe has got all of the first time lash wearers covered, with her tips of what to avoid with your application.

“Be Zen, be calm, don’t be afraid, just enjoy it. Makeup is fun, it shouldn’t be stressful! Give yourself time, don’t rush it because trust me they can smell your fear. If you get it wrong, don’t stress out, the good thing about the glue is that it comes off really easily, so carefully pick the glue off the lashes and try again. Give yourself time to practise and you will look amazing.”

The Eylure x Chloe Morello collection is available in Priceline stores and online around Australia now! Tag us in all your looks on the ‘gram – @EylureAus