5 False Lash Fails That Every Girl Makes and How To Avoid Them

If you are new to the world of falsies, applying fake eyelashes can be tricky business! But never fear! With a few handy tips and tricks up your sleeve, it won’t be long until you can consider yourself a #FalsiePro! Below we share the most common mishaps that you may encounter and how you can tackle them.

Always Measure To Fit

Anybody and everybody can use falsies, but it is important to make sure that they properly fit your eye to ensure that they look natural and stay in place all day – and don’t worry; it is much easier to do than you think! Simply place the lashes against your natural lash line, lining them up from the inner corner of your eyes and note where there is a bit of excess. Remove them from against your eye and with a small pair of scissors, carefully trim the excess length from the outside edge of the false lashes and voila, your falsies are ready to go.

The Dreaded Lash Lift

There is nothing worse during a night out than realising your falsies are starting to lift off. Not only does it feel super annoying, it’s also not a very cute look! Luckily there are a few ways that you can avoid this from happening. After removing your fresh new falsies from their packaging and measuring them to your eyes correctly, gently bend the band by curling them around the end of a makeup brush. This will help to give them more flexibility and fit nicely. Don’t be afraid to also add a little extra glue on the ends of your lashes to help them stay in place! Extra Tip: Add your lash glue to your purse in case you need an extra touch up!

Applying Your Lashes Too Quickly

The biggest falsie mistake you can make is applying your lashes straight after coating them with glue. It’s super important to let the glue dry a little and become tacky before applying your lashes. This will help to make them stick properly and stay on for longer. If you are finding it difficult to apply the glue to the lash band, try using our Lash Fix adhesive. It comes with a handy applicator wand and dries clear, allowing for a quicker and mess free application. We got you, babe!

Throwing Your Lashes Out After One Use

Our lashes are made to last! Don’t waste perfectly good lashes when you don’t need to. If you take care of your lashes properly when applying, removing and cleaning them, our lashes can last for up to five uses!

Not Properly Cleaning Your Lashes

It is important to ALWAYS clean your lashes after using them to help maintain their quality and allow you to use them again and again. After removing your lashes, place them on a paper towel or clean surface. Using a cotton tip or tissue, use an oil-free eye makeup remover to gently clean the lash band of any excess or dried glue. Let your lashes air dry and once they have dried put them back in their original packaging or an air-tight container to keep them nice and protected.

If you are still finding falsies hard to get the hang of, why not try our Pre-glued Lash options? One of our fave styles is the Pre-glued Volume No.070. Its fabulous eye-opening flutter is perfect for a subtle, yet gorgeous look and ensures simple and easy application!

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