10 Things to Do In 15 Seconds (Including Applying Lashes)

As busy babes on the go, it sometimes feels like there simply is not enough time in the day to do certain things. Well, we’re here to prove how much can be achieved in just SECONDS. So, saddle up, girls and let’s see what you can achieve in 15 seconds flat!

  1. Smash 10 crunches

15 seconds a day keeps the doctor away… isn’t that the saying? Drop down and give us 10 ladies! Those abs aren’t going to work themselves; 15 seconds is just long enough to make it worth putting on your activewear this morning.

  1. Put on your fave lippie

Forget primer, foundation, contour, blush or highlighter, lashes and lips are all you need to have a killer look that leaves you ready to take on the day. One swipe of your favourite lippie will transform you into a boss babe faster than you can say full glam.

  1. Take a selfie

Don’t let all those crunches, lippie and lashes go to waste! Get your phone out and snap a selfie, or two, or twenty – 15 seconds is plenty of time to capture all your best angles!

  1. Apply a face mask

Don’t have time for a spa day? You can always find time for a quickie face mask! Put on your fave soothing song, cut that cucumber, get your mask on and let the relaxation begin.

  1. Text your bestie

Missing Saturday night drinks with your best gal pal? You don’t need to get dressed up and glow out to get the low down on the newest drama in your bestie’s life. Grab your phone and send a quick ‘wyd?’.

  1. Do a dance

We know you’ve secretly been learning your favourite Tik Tok dance! Don’t overthink it, just do it – have a bit of fun and post your best version of the Toosie Slide.

  1. Down a glass of water 

Consider this your reminder. We’re always trying to drink 2 litres a day but can never quite get there, so stop what you’re doing and get one glass closer to your goal!

  1. Have a sip (or maybe a glass) of wine

Ok now that you’ve had water, it’s wine time. It’s 5pm somewhere – so treat yourself! Enjoy every last sip, you deserve it.

  1. Eat a snack

I think we can all agree that exerting energy makes for one hungry babe. A 15-second snack will tide you over for about 30 minutes. Grab a protein ball or a handful of almonds and keep your energy levels high!

  1. Apply false lashes

Obviously, we saved the best ‘til last. You can’t apply falsies on in 15 seconds you say? With Eylure’s Pre-glued lashes anything is possible! Simply pop them out of the pack, line them up with your lash, press them down and you’re done – no mess, no stress, just lash and go!

Us gals on the go can get a lot done in just 15-seconds, let us know what you achieved in 15 seconds today at @eylureaus.