10 things to do after dark

Our Eylure After Dark lashes have arrived. Crafted from luxury faux mink matte black fibres, these lashes are here to create an intense look for up to 10 wears, and last 18 hours. To celebrate, we’ve curated 10 things you and your besties can do after dark, because there’s a lot you can do in 18 hours. 

Rooftop Bar 

There’s something special about that moment you step onto a rooftop bar — the city lights, cool breeze and so many cute photo opportunities! Start your night here by ordering your fave cocktail and having a bite to eat as the sun goes down. 

Hotel room photoshoot 

If you’re feeling a little extra OTT, book a hotel room for a night to have a mini photoshoot. Make sure to pack your best outfits, a ring light, some lippy and of course your fave Eylure lashes. Spend the night capturing killer content, and extra points if the room has a view. The best part? Room service and getting straight into bed when you’re done…After makeup removal of course!. Handy tip: Keep those lashes safe, you can reuse them up to 10 times.   


Spotify roulette 

Make a unique Spotify playlist, add three songs to the playlist and don’t share what songs you selected. Hit shuffle and every time a song comes on the group has to choose who they think added the song to the playlist. If the person is easily identifiable, they have to drink. Brownie points if the lyrics include ‘Nightfall or After Dark’. 


Night photoshoot 

Our best-kept secret, you don’t need to rely on ‘golden hour’ for the perfect IG photos. Switch off the lights and grab either a sunset lamp or projector and you have a fresh backdrop and killer photos. After all, the fun begins at ‘Nightfall’. 


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Conversation game night 

Conversation card games are a great way to get to know someone or unlock a new level of secrets with your besties. But we must warn you, prepare to get little to no sleep because these babies can keep you chatting all night long. Luckily our lashes last up to 18 hours. 



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Karaoke bar 

Let your inner Beyonce shine. There’s nothing better than group singalongs or belting out a classic tune, especially after a few cheeky wines. Adding the drama with bold lashes will help you belt that tune louder, promise. We’ve populated some of the best karaoke bars, find one in your city below – 








BYO cocktail night 

You’ve seen it on TikTiok and it went viral for a reason! Each person is to create their cocktail and one-by-one serve it to the group. Have fun as you try new drinks and find out who is a natural bartender. Here are some cocktail recipes to get you inspired: click here!


Visit a Psychic 

Do you and your friends give off witch energy? Make the night truly memorable by going to visit a psychic. See what the future holds for you and your besties. 


Themed night 

This one is for the person that always writes in the group chat, “what’s everyone wearing?” Set a theme for the night that everyone needs to dress to. Eg, Gold & Black or Y2K. Don’t forget to add your After Dark or Nightfall lashes with your outfit for dramatic effect. 


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Ladies night bingo 

Print out this bingo sheet for each person or create your own! Play throughout the night in between conversations. 

If you try the new After Dark and Nightfall lashes or any of these girls-night-out ideas, make sure to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #EylureAus