Alopecia & Hair Loss

Welcome to the Eylure discount programme. To apply, please fill in the above form and upload a .jpeg of your doctor’s note. (We are happy to accept legible photos of the original document taken with a camera).

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(*) 50% discount on RRP plus free shipping (over £15) valid on the following Styles: No.015, No.020, No.020 starter kit, No. 027, No.031, No.031 pre-glued, No.033, No.035, No.080, No. 115, No.116, No.155, No. 116 pre-glued, No.070, No.070 pre-glued, No.083, No.100 Petite, No.100, No.101, No.101 Pre-glued, No.101 starter kit, No.107, No 107 petite, No.107 Pre-glued. Multipacks, Licence packs (Cheryl, Kimberley, etc) are not included in the discount.

  • Discount currently only open to residents in the UK.
  • Purchases cannot exceed more than 120 purchases per calendar year (multiple products can be bought in one purchase).
  • Only one application per customer.
  • The unique code is only applicable for one calendar year.
  • We reserve the right to revoke the code if we feel it is being misused (This includes the sharing of codes).